California Audio Labs

Anyone knows if there is still a place where I can bring a California Audio Labs cd that doesn't work anymore? Europe or US?


Sorry- Not sure about a repair shop but there is currently one for sale on USAM for $300

Which model? Mine is a tube cd player Aria MKiii which has some strange problem probably with the display controller (not with the display) 


This is the only business I'm aware of that still does repair on CAL.

I believe they had bought up all remaining stock of parts.


Some friend form US tried to contact them and more or less the answer was "We are not interested in old stuff"
If someone has a recent experience with them please contact me



I concur- Approved Audio Service, Inc. I would be impressed if any Audio repair shop can work on CAL.  Reach out to Fernando at SkyFi Audio in NJ.


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2nd Note;

contact Member bigkidz here. He is in NJ as well. 


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Thank you Mark
Can someone please call them for me as I am located in Europe
Is there anything like Display controller chip inside the Aria MKiii and if they have spare parts?


There is an Email address on their website, and they prefer Email.



Which website??? I get this error message 
Can you please send me the email address and their phone number?



You don't have permission to access / on this server.

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Here is the telephone # on their website 860-567-5801.

I got some weird stuff when I tried the Email and could not get through (I'm in the USA).

If you strike out, let me know (in this thread) and I will call and attempt to direct them to this/your thread.

I'm busy tomorrow with errands, but can try afterwards during their listed business hours on Sunday, Monday or later on.

I've been using a late production CAL Icon MKII for 20 years now.



I am in the USA Northern New Jersey if you want to ship a unit to me.  Can repair upgrade any audio component.



Hi there
I have a CAL Aria MkIII and I really want to see it fixed! The problem is that it is a Unit for European 220V AC
Also I brought it to to 2 technicians who said that without a Service manual and some circuit schemas cannot understand said it is the display controller chip that has a problem. Indeed the player switches on, the display tries to switch on but starts flickering in a very strange way...
If you really think you can help please send me a PM or a mail to

Appreciate the shout out jafant. 

Far as CAL CD Player repairs, sorry but we're not a repair shop and only restore pieces that we own. Just not enough time when it comes down to it.

However we've compiled a thorough list on our site where you might be able to receive service. Google Reviews may also assist finding a shop in your local area.

Good luck -