California Audio Lab -are they out of business?

Hello to all. I have a California Audio Lab DX 1 CD player (solid state) with a 60 HZ ground buzz. Had a local flat-earth repair guy take a look at it, and, no surprise, it baffled him. I did a Google search for a Cal Audio Lab website,nothing came up. Are they out of business? Does anyone know of a decent repair facility that can handle the repair? Many thanks for any info. Bob
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Yes they are out of business.
They are out of business (several years now). There is a repair shop in Bantam, CT that specializes in CAL. Can't remember the name, you will have to googl'em.
Try these folks, they repair CAL:
The website for CAL repairs is below:

I have never dealt with them but as far as I know they are the only ones who do repairs and have the parts.

Good luck.

Here ya go ...

click here for Approved Audio Services web site


Our hours of operation are Sun 8-11am, Mon-Wed 8am-11am and 2pm-6pm, Thursday 2pm-6pm, Friday 8am-11am, and we are CLOSED Saturday.
try great northern sound co. steve huntley worked for them at one ,good luck...
Many thanks to all you folks out there! Bob
This is good to know. Luckily my Alpha and Delta are still going strong. Mark