California Audio CL-2500cd player Vs the Icon MKII

Hi friends,

Does anybody know if the sound quality is better on the Cal Audio 2500 or the Cal Audio MKII, I saw some advertised here and want to make a good choice!

I would like a Cal because I think it would work nice with my Marantz 2325 Receiver and Snell EIII's---
Or should I not get the Cal Audio at all!

Thank you for your help!
I had the Icon MKII, and have considered getting another used. But I have enough players, so.....The Icon was noticably putting out more detail than the player it replaced. Then came the idea of DAC's, which lead to the idea of a dedicated transport. So the Icon got swapped. I remember hearing the 2500, and being impressed. I was also disappointed when Cal Audio went out of business. At the prices today, either would seem to be a good deal.
I owned an Icon mk2, Icon mk2 with power boss upgrade & a CL20. I wanted the CL2500 but never got around to it, I do currently own an Adcom GCD750. I'm not familiar with your Marantz or Snell speakers. I will make this observation based on my system (tube based). If your system is laid back the Icon MK2 w/PB upgrade is the better choice assuming that's the one you're considering. An Adcom GCD750 would also be a consideration if this is the case. They should all be in the same price range approximately. BTW both the CAL Audios make very good transports if you should decide to go that route. I too was disappointed when CAL Audio went down.
Had Icon, Icon MK2, CL250DVD, Delta, Gamma, Sigma, Sigma2, Alpha/ The most I liked Icon, CL2500dvd and Delta paired to Alpha. Now I have CL250DVD, Delta and Cl2500SSP.