Cal Sigma II and Parasound 1100HD DAC

Been using a Parasound 1100HD DAC with my computer, but just got a CAL Sigma II tube dac.

Prepared to try and hear the subtle differences, but they are HUGE! It's like different equalizer settings. Are the tubes in my Sigma II bad?

The Parasound's bass was much louder, and voices were more in the background. The CAL Sigma II DAC made vocals much more prominent. It sounded smoother, and less crisp. The Parasound was much more crisper and detailed, but a little "tinkling", like there was sand in the sound, not sure how to describe it. The Cal lacked this, was was smoother, but more mushy, imaging was more "bloated", you couldn't locate locations of instruments as precisely.

Does this make sense? Any recommendations on how I can make the CAL sound more like the Parasound but without the "edginess" of the Parasound? I'm not sure which one to keep at the moment.

BTW, using this with my computer for MP3's, with a Bryston B60R integrated amp, and Dynaudio Contour 1.3's. Room treated with a combination of ASC Tube traps, standing Room Tune's and a Tunepack. "Homemade" diffusion in the rear from bookcases.

- Tony
i have 8 different 12ax7 tubes and they sound pretty good. i switched to a very good (expensive) 5751 tube and there was a huge difference. the cal audio sigma is a nice sounding dac, especially for the money.