CAL Delta Vs Theta Pearl Vs Wadia WT-2000

The rest of my system is ARC VT-60, ARC LS-3B, Proac Ref 1.5, the current DAC is an MSB Lik III that I am considering replacing with a tubed DAC, a CAL or ARC (depends on budget). I listen mainly to vocal jazz and chamber music.
Out of the 3 mentioned I found that the theta has the most natural & smooth sound. The cal is dated the wadia at times can get bright.
I've been using a Theta Pearl transport for almost a year now, and love it. During this time I'd been using it with a Bel Canto DAC 1.1 with great success. However, I've been playing with one of the new Kora Hermes tube DACs this weekend, and I must say this box from France is fantastic. The Pearl and Hermes combo is dynamic, resolving, liquid and very natural. And the best thing is the way it soundstages. Huge! I listened to it from 6am 'til 11pm yesterday, and I never got tired of it, but I bet my neighbors did.
i have a cal alpha - it may be dated but its still excellent and cheap now on the used market. best of all you can change its tone by changing tubes. your present system sounds like it could be on the bright side - if that is a problem for you then you could consider the BAT VK5 which is really becoming a bargin on the used market. it has a softer high end (and matches my baron amp perfectly).
try the evs millenium ii if you can get your hands on one

I have an Arc LS5 / D200 setup
the evs brought realism to everything

ric has just discontinued them but try to get him to build you one

also I would look in upgrading your preamp
I had an LS 2 and recently jumped up to an LS5
it is not a minor upgrade, and it's better than a ref 1
you will thank yourself for doing this, really
spend the money on the preamp