CAL Delta/Sigma II combo - any good?

I’ve always wanted to have a tube component in my system. My plan of having a tube preamp paired with a solid state amp never materialized and I ended up switching my amp/preamp combo for a Musical Fidelity A300 int amp (very happy with it). That said, my current set up is as follows:
Musical Fidelity A300 amp
Esoteric D-50 Transport
EAD DSP7000mk3 DAC
Pro-ject Perspective Table w/ Denon 103 cartridge
Soliloquy 5.3 speakers
Interconnects are Canare DigiGold digital cable, Audience Maestro and Soroan Cactus Signature interconnects, and Transparent Music Link Plus speaker cables.
My question is this – would I benefit from changing my digital front end to, say, a CAL Delta/Sigma II (24/96 tube) Dac? Would this CAL combo retain the Esoteric/EAD attributes with the added extra of “tube magic”, or will I loose some transparency, weight and detail with the CAL? Any input would really be appreciated.
I had them for about 10 years,served me well as a backup combo.I liked Sigma 2 better than Alpha.It had more tube magic despite having only 1 12ax7 instead of 2 and the voltage output was higher so it doubled my power amp capabilities from the get-go.Even though Delta was a decent transport back in a day (i purchased it 1992)i was shocked at how better Audio Research CD-1 (used$500-$600) sounded as a transport compared to Delta.Summing up:CAL Sigma II will please you with tube magic and dynamics,it has a slam factor.Instead of Delta try seeking out ARC CD1,it is that much better as a transport.If not,Delta will do.The combo really worked together with Kimber KCAG coax digital cable.
I have the Delta/Sigma combo and I am very pleased. I run it in an all tube system with ProAc 140's at the end. Never heard the Esoteric so I can't compare. Don't think you could go wrong if you can get the pair with pick up. Shipping this type of unit is risky business especially if the seller does not have the original packing materials.