Cal cl25000 dvd as front end for high end system?

Has anyone heard or used a Cal CL2500DVD player as the cd source in a high end system. How good is it? Is it worth the $1200. May use it for dvd but that's not the critical thing. My system is audio research ls16, mccormack dna1 rev a, vandersteen 3a sigs. kimber speaker cable, kimber hero interconnects. Need help.

Is it worth it? It is only worth the highest offer.
Some sell for $950, some sell for $1,300.

Now, that said, I happen to own not one, but two of these.
One is for sale.

I had not heard about this this unit until I went to a few dealers and they were using these units for transports!
That still didn't convince me. Somehow I managed to be at a very prominent individuals home last year, where he was running some $135,000 Genesis speakers, some ridiculous $100,000 monoblock amps, and of course it sounded good!
Any idea what his transport was?

That got me believing. Purchased a complete Cal system, and have not changed in 2 years! If you knew the speakers I went through, that would say something.

Current set up:
Cal CL-2500
Krell FPB-350M
B&W 801N
HGS-18 (2)

Oh yeah, the SSP, probably the best 2 channel preamp from a processor I have heard.

All in all, you listen to it, so you better like it. If it seems like it is worth $1,200 to you, then make it worth it!

Good luck!