CAL CL2500 vs. Casa Nova vs. Proceed

Has any had the opportunity (hopefully in the same room) to compare the California Audio Labs CAL CL2500 SSP to the Theta Casa Nova or the Proceed AVP. Any input woud be appreciated. Ken
just one comment: I own the AVP and find it easy to use while sounding great. I urged a friend to buy a Casanova (because it was quite a bit cheaper at the time) and its horrible to use. The worst manual ever and very difficult to program. I would recommend against the CasaNova. Also, it doesn't come with all the modules you might need. The website says it comes with the analog inputs, but thats an error, it doesn't.
I have owned the Proceed avp but sold it to buy the Cal audio labs 2500. The Cal outperforms it. But I still like Proceed and would recommend it. I have compared the Cal against Theta CBII for two channel and the results were the same but the Theta held it's own.
It is almost impossible for surround processor with built in video switching to compete with the specs of the Cal SSP-2500. Not unit on the market has better signal to noise specs, only one equals it and that is Theta, and none can match the bandwidth of the video switcher.