cal cl 2500 vs ead ovation plus

I am trying to choose between these 2, I have heard the ead but have been unable to hear the cal, I am seeking opinions on the music quality, not ht, all ht sounds alike to me, thanks
The California Audio Labs SSP-2500 is the best sounding processor on the market right now in my opinion. Widescreen Review did a review of it and concluded that it was the best sounding processor that they had ever heard. It is extremely clean on 2 channel. I previouly owned a Proceed AVP and loved that unit but was not happy about a few things so I sold the unit and purchased this one. EAD is very good but the Cal is better. I use a Pioneer dvd player to listen to Music 24/96 dvds from Chesky and Classic records and the sound is some of the best I have ever heard. I have heard the Aragon Soundstage, All of Meridians units, Theta Casablanca II, Lexicon MC-1, EAD ovation, Sunfire, Parasound, and Krell Home Theater Standard. All are high end processors with excellent sound but fall short of a true high-end 2 channel pre-amp. The Cal unit does not. It is the first processor to offer true high end 2 channel. Is it as good as the best 21 channel only preamps, no. But you will have to spend over 3 or 4 thousand on a 2 channel preamp to find better. E-mail me and I will refer you to a dealer who can offer you a very competative price and excellent dealer support.
Thanks bulldogger, I will take you up on your deaker info, what is your email adress,samski