Cal audio ssp 2500 for SACD multi-channel

I have a cal audio ssp 2500 that I love for HT and 2 channel. I now have a modified Denon 3910 and would love to be able to use the 2500 to pass through the multi-channel analog for SACD from the 3910. The 2500 does not have a multi-channel pass through.

Any suggestions?

You might try and contact Scott Morris and see if would be willing to do this.
Thanks - I've already talked to scott. He'd be willing to assist with schematics, but is unable to do the work.
If you can get the schematics from Scott than maybe MSB could install a 5.1 input.
I would be interested in doing the same thing with my cal ssp2500. Were you able to get an answer if msb would install a 5.1 input to the cal?
MSB did not respond, but I did not call. Given that I'm also about to purchase some blue circle equipment, I have asked Gilbert at Blue Circle to take a look and see what he can do. He should be back with me within a week. If that doesn't work, I'll call msb, unless you call them first. If you do, let me know what they say. Their website is pretty clear that calling is more likely to result in an answer.
I just spoke to Dustin at MSB and he said that if they were sent the schematics they could make a determination if it would be doable. They said it's best if they could receive the schematics via an email if they could be gotten electronically. Alternatively, a hard copy of the schematic should be snail mailed to them. They said they do lots of mods and it certainly could be a good possiblity, but impossible to say without first seeing the shematic. So, next up is how to get the schematics and then send it off to MSB to have them research it?
Scott Morris has them, if you email me, I can forward his email addy to you.
Has anyone had a response from MSB?

You can also talk to the guys at Blue Circle. They can do it for sure.

Jmpwme, have you spoken with Blue Cirlce to see what would be required. Hell, most of the old Cal audio engineering is at Adcom and they COULD do it. Big difference though between CAN and WILL:).
yes - drop an email to Gilbert at Blue Circle. He is familiar with the issue. He suggested an outboard box/pass through option.
So, does anyone know what the final verdict is? Did anyone/company state they will do it? Was Scott Morris able to produce the schematics? I'd be interested in hearing the answer as well as if anyone actually has the final product.

I absolutely love my CAL ssp2500. While I no longer use the CAL for 2ch music, as I have turned that function over to my audiomeca Enkianthus X dac and Joule LA-100 pre, I'm still impressed by the quality of the internal dac of the CAL. The CAL can, whenever one becomes available on audiogon, really make one heck of an awesome audio bargain as a surround processor, dac, and preamp.

I have another question. Does anyone know if it is possible to update the CAL SSP2500 to decode dolby pro logic 2, DTS neo6, and any of the newer surround codecs out there? I'd be really interested if anyone has any imput.

Thanks much,
No, it's not possible to update the Cal to decode Pro Logic 2, or any new formats. It would require a dsp chip change and new firmware and Cal is out of business with no one to write new firmware even if you could get the chip changed. Approved Audio Service likely has the schematics as well. Scott is extremely difficult to contact and not really doing repairs any longer.