Cal Audio Sigma 2 with Elite PD-65?

Hi everyone. I have the chance to pick-up a Cal Audio Sigma 2, without the 24/96 upgrade, for a good price. I currently don't use a outboard DAC with my Pioneer Elite PD-65 but have been thinking of doing so. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with these two units and if there would be a big improvement with the Sigma 2. Thanks everyone for your help! Mike.
I have the Sigma 2 without the upgrade. Befor I got a CAL
Delta to go with it I had it on my Panasonic A320 DVD player
using it as a CD / DVD audio sorce. I pushed it into a tube
preamp and tube amp. It was well worth the effort as the
improvement was dramatic.
I too have the Sigma 2 without the upgrade, and before I got my Cal Delta, used it with a Teac CD player. The improvement was dramatic.

Miami_a1a: what digital cable do you use ? I use a Cardas Lightning, and sometimes wish I had something a bit mellower.
Hope you don't mind the change, but I too have a chance to get the Sigma 2 but I'd pair it with an Arcam CD92 (or Rotel RCD-855). Anyone know if my sound would improve?