Cal Audio mca 2500 and Dyn Confidence

Has anybody paired the Cal audio MCA 2500 (5x500) and the Cal audio ssp 2500 processor with the dyn confidence series for an HT set up (C4's front, C2's rear and confidence center)? Will the Cal Amp drive the Dyns?

Any suggestions if not?


The Cal amp will drive the Confidence with ease. I'm using mine to drive a Mcintosh speakers set-up. Mcintosh LS360, CS350 center, WS350 surround. The LS360 is rated to handle 600 watts a channel. With two channel, the Cal amp clips at 750 watt. Also the power rating of 500 watts a channel is for distortion below 1%. If like most companies the amp had been rated at 1% the power rating would have been given as 700 watts a channel. For me the amp provides basically unlimited power. I can't sit in the room with it at full blast. With all of this power, the amp is still very detailed and delicate sounding. I believe that part is more surprising than the power.
Bulldogger, do you experience a light pop from the speakers everytime you turn on the MCA? I heard this from day 1 and it's been bugging me. Others said that it's normal because there's no speaker relays across all 5 channels.