Cal Audio Labs CL-2500 DVD player

Is there anyone out there who uses the CAL CL-2500 as a redbook player? I purchased an almost new one on ebay for $400. & I think it sounds great with CD's & CD-R's. I've compared it to some fairly newer dedicated units such as Classe CDP-10, Meridian 507, Cary 308, Arcam 192 & Cambridge Audio 640C, Ver.II (All SS units). After extensive listening for many months (and many dollars) I've come to the conclusion that I prefer the Cal over the others. It just sounds tonally correct. Am i Crazy? I ask this because I read a lot about dedicated CD players outperforming CD playback thru DVD & universal players. I understand everything is ultimately subjective but I believe most critical listeners are searching for that which sounds more real which normally means bigger bucks. Well, I believe I got a bargain here, I think!

Anyway, if anyone out there still uses their CL-2500 as a redbook player please drop a line. Also, I'm still looking for a reason to purchase a dedicated player around $2000.-$2500. retail new (Tube or SS) to replace the CL-2500. I believe the Cal serves up the music the way it is on the disc, good or bad. I welcome all suggestions.

Thank You,
I just sold mine - put it in the mail today in fact. First piece I have ever sold that I felt bad about parting with. It is just such a classic old school piece - wonderfully built, perfectly engineered and feature rich. Keep in mind it was $2,500 new back in the day - that's what 4-5K now?

Anyhow, to your point this is a wonderful sounding redbook player. No slouch as a DVD player either. I remember that we had some friends over for dinner then all settled in to Diana Kralls Live In Paris DVD - we were all transported.

Besides which, you need to know I am a hardcore hard drive guy - so you will never get me to encourage you to spend $2,500 when you can do so much better for so much less!
Any suggestions as to a dedicated player for much less. Do you spend any time paying attention to the newer CD players or are you too involved with hard drives?
I don't know how much less then 400-500 you can spend and still get the kind of build that an old Cal offers. I am an old fashioned guy - I judge 'em by what they way - the $200 stuff makes me nervous - its too light!

I have moved on to an Oppo and will most likely mod it

As for less then $2,500 for a CD player - nope I can't be of much help - I just don't pay any attention. In passing a short list under $2,500 would include Cary, Musical Fidelity, Unison Research, the Cairn... I think it is very important to decide if you want a transport to service an outboard DAC, or you want an all in one package.

There are obvious arguments in either direction. My bet is that not too far down the road you will begin to use your hard drive - so an outboard DAC makes some sense to me.

The other thing I think you need to think about and maybe hear is the whole issue of upsampling. Personally I would rather listen at 44.1 then 192.

And you also have to think about whether you want to be able to play some of the alternate very good but none too well accepted formats like SACD and DVDA.

Each of these decision points you in a certain direction, eliminates possibilities and involves financial tradeoffs. IMHO suddenly the Cal with a very good built in DAC, and the ability to connect to an external DAC with AES looks very good.

Hopefully a few diehard Redbook types will weigh in.
Thank you! I appreciate your input.