CAL Audio Icon MkII repair

I have a CAL Icon MkII that no longer "reads" CD's. It powers up fine and the CD tray will mechanically open and close; however, when you press "PLAY", the unit will not read the CD's TOC.

I can't find a web listing for Cal Audio - does anybody know who might be able to repair this thing? Based on the failure node, does anybody have a clue as to what the problem might be and how difficult/expensive the fix is?

CAL is out of business so you won't find them on the web. There was a former employee who was doing repair work, his name escapes me now, but if you search the archives you might find it. Someone else may also recall his name and have a current e-mail for him. Good luck!
Hope This Helps:

Service facility for Cal. Audio Pdt's

Bantam, CT. 06750

Scott morris at . He does fabulous work.
Thank you all for your responses...