Cal Audio DX-2 worth fixing for 350.00

I have the mentioned unit which has always sounded great and when I bought about 8-9 yrs ago, was my choice after lots of auditions. The laser went out and I can have repaired for 350.00.
I can only spend 500.00 - 600.00, on another unit (new or pre owned). I only listen to 2 channel and am wondering if I will get better sound, imaging etc from another unit or fix the Cal.

Any and all thoughts are sure welcome.
Thanks Rick
I personally would look for another CDP. New...NAD has a new model out which can be bought for $250-260. I've read a post that NAD has a great sounding Universal DVD/CD player which can be bought for $599 New from an authorized NAD dealer. (Model escapes me @ the moment, but you will find on Agon.) Used, plenty of chooses. A used CAL Icon MK II or one w/the power boss update can be found for under $350 used but, there is the uncertainty w/the CAL or any other used piece. Have you looked to see if the repairs can be done for a little less? $350 seems a little too much, but what do I know! I hope things work out well. Bill.
You might be able to replace the laser transport yourself. I did in my CAL Delta, for about $80 for parts. The trick was finding a supplier for the discontinued part - travers deck assembly. See my posts (Silica) in the lower half of the following thread.

To be fair, the exercise is labor intensive, so $350 is not too unreasonable given typical professional repair shop rates.

Good luck!
Get the NAD T585 that I recommended in you other thread. I had a Cal CL2500. The NAD T585 blows it away!