Cal audio difference btwn Tercet mk4 and Icon mk2

Does anyone know what the difference is between the Tercet mkIV and the Icon mkII cd players?
I can't answer your question directly as I'm only familiar with the Icon MKII (I really liked mine, but it had issues with its laser assembly, twice). You might want to query the folks at Approved Audio Service. They still repair CAL gear.

I had an Icon Mark 2 in the mid 90s(& had it upgraded with the "powerboss" option from CAL) & really liked it
for it's day. I later upgraded to a Meridian 508.24 &
did not think it was any better. It's very musical & relaxed.
I still have my Icon MKII and use it in a second system.
It's a good player. Well-built.


Paul :-)