Cal Audio Alpha 24/96

Has anyone done an upgrade lately? Was the upgrade worth it and how was it dealing with Cal Audio. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
magni h
In the past, CAL was very good and easy to deal with. I do know that the company has undergone quite a bit of internal "shake-ups", so things might or might not be the same now.

As to doing the upgrade, it will result in a more spacious and open sound with greater detail. You will lose some of the warmth and "intimacy" that the 16 bit DAC offers though, so keep this in mind. Sean
I upgraded my Alpha about 1 yr ago. In retrospect, I would say to sell the Alpha and whatever transport your using (I have the Delta) and upgrade to a better one box player in the $2-$3k range. The $700 upgrade doesn't seem to affect the resell value on the Alpha. As far as dealing with CAL, the service tech I worked with was Jim. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. The work was performed well and the equipment was returned safely. Frankly, the sonic ROI falls short.
$700 upgrade ??? It is $450 for the upgrade as far as i know. At least it was the last time that i checked. Sean