cairn fog vs. jolida 100 vs. arcam fmj cd33

I've been searching for a CD player under $1000 that has the best sound qualities. I hear the Jolida-100 is an excellent buy in this price range. How about the Cairn Fog v2.0 and the Arcam FMJ CD33? Which would you buy???
I have the Cairn Fog v2.0 and have really enjoyed it, sounds great, looks great and is built like a tank.
Go with the Fog!
I agree with the recommendation to go with the Fog, as its detail and resolution are superb; but changing the tubes on the Jolida 100 from the Underwood Mod 1 stock to Amperex Bugle Boys put it up there with the Cairn Fog v.2; an astounding improvement. Get Andy at Vintage Tubes to match a pair for you............. has a detailed comparison of a Underwood level 1 modded Jolida compareing it to a Cairn fog CDP.