Cairn 4808A or North Face??

Hello, I just received my newly purchased Cairn 4808 integrated amp and I'm uncertain if I have the Class A or the North Face amp. How can I tell? On the box (and on the back of the amp) it simply states 4808 "limited." Thanks for any help you can provide.

Steve Wilson
Does the manual state anything about 'class A' operation? I know their manuals are a little weak.

I would email them direct, to know for sure. They are very responsive and I've emailed with Gilles Belot back and forth many times. Great guy, great product!

I've owned the Fog CDP, Nanda preamp and Mea monoblocks, but never the 4808 so I can't help with markings on the unit. Sorry.
Thanks for your response. Yeah, the manual isn't very informative...especially when designating what brand (A or North Face) it is.

I sent an email to Cairn and gave them the serial number but I haven't heard anything back yet. I got the email address from the Cairn-Ezo website - Do you happen to have another email address that might be more responsive? Thanks again.

Steve, that's the address I've used to contact them. You should hear from them soon.

For anyone that is interested, "Limited" refers to a 4808-A (Class A to 10 Watts) that was packedged with the Fog2.
Steve, how are you enjoying that unit?