Cain and Cain Noogi vs. Onix Ref 1

What are general opinions about these? Which will be a better suit for the sp3? Sound wise, how would these compare...I can get both for the same price.

What's an sp3??
Onix sp3 integrated..
I own a pair of Cain & Cain Noogies that are currently driven by a low powered Eastern Electric tube amp. These single driver speakers are an easy load to drive. They sound incredible on vocals, however lack deep bass. If soundstage, midrange,and "Vocal magic", are priorities, these are the speakers for you! I had mine custom finished in piano black. I was considering selling to upgrade to a pair of Abbies. If you are interested please contact me.
Bass isn't a big is for a office/study space...I will be listening to jazz, alt-co, acoustic, singer-songwriter music...and some rock, but not much.