Cage/Cover for Jolida SJ202a

This is probably 20-odd years too late, but does anyone know where to find a cover for SJ202a? I'm guessing it'd be some sort of custom, after-market deal, as I can't recall if they (eg. Jolida) ever made one for this device. This little champ has served me well for 20-odd years. And now, with a 2-year old kid running around and getting into EVERYthing, I'm reluctant to want to mothball or (gulp) sell it.

I'm not a metal-worker, so no, I don't really have the skills or time (did I mention the 2-year old?) to fabricate one.

Not sure you will like my outside the box solution but here goes.
Find yourself the right cardboard box, size just right to sit the Jolida down inside, just high enough to protect the tubes. Cut whatever holes you need for volume and connections. The weight of the amp holds the box. 

That'll work for when you're around and using the amp. Make a lid for when you're not. Safety razor, sharp knife or scissors, packing tape and a few minutes fabrication time. For something that will last less than a year what more do you need?

Uh oh. My outside the box idea is inside the box. Heh.
I mean, it's definitely within my skill-set! But I think I might hold-out for a better option; I do like the glowy goodness.
Call the Jolida MD experience is that they do answer the phone, and who knows what they have in stock? You might get lucky.