Cadillac of Turntables?

While watching the new FOX show 'Grandfathered' I noticed a Cadillac commercial that showed a VPI turntable with a 3D printed tonearm! I backed up the DVR, paused at the clip, then wondered, "Huh...does that make VPI the Cadillac of turntables?"

Interesting how I see more and more turntables on TV these days. And now, high-end models. Love it!
I'm sure that Cadillac of turntables isn't what you really expect. It's supposed it to be fully automatic. I guess BMW-3 would be better match having in mind that it's also 3-letter abbreviation.
I recently serviced Pioneer PL-9 super rare deck that I would consider as Cadillac. It has very sophisticated arm settings with return and memory. It's also very heavy.
My Dual 1264 still running in my second system might qualify. Not just fully automatic but a record changer to boot. Of course nobody in their right mind would subject their records to a record changer. Well, maybe a Cadillac owner would. :^) I own Toyotas and Subarus.
In the commercial, that was Steve Wozniak who had that table and a lot of records :-)
Ad aired first at last January's SuperBowl - Don't know of any other Highend Audio company that have had product placement in the most anticipated ad screening debut every year in recent history. So kudos to Matt and team for making that happen.

Good listening

The Cadillac is in flux. My father's Cadillac was a piece of junk, the new ones are going after the BMW crowd.
I used to think of a Cadillac as your typical lead sled. Far from it now. Yes, I'm an old geezer.

I have a picture of me sitting on the fender of my brother's Nova with my legs inside the engine compartment with lots of room. I believe we were working on the lifters...was a long time ago.
I think the turntable was a VPI classic 3. It was supplied by Brooks Berdan of Monrovia, California.
The "Cadillac" of turntables would be extremely complex and expensive to repair.
I think the Ferrari of turntables would be complex and expensive to repair. A Cadillac of turntables not so much.
It would need tail fins, twilight 'sentinel' and a lot of chrome. Also must weigh a few tons and have low trade-in value. Classic Caddy from the late '50s to mid-'60s. Love 'em, but not for turntables. What was it Don Delilo said: Rolls-Royce, the Cadillac of motorcars? (Or was it the other way around). Drive safe. :)
Taters, Cadillac is extremely complicated to repair.
Those Mitsubishi vertical and linear tracking turntables are probably Cadillacs or Ferraries
I don't know. Do you have to pay Cadillac extra just so it will go the correct speed?
Although I haven't owned an American car since the '60s, I gather that the
newish Caddies are OK, I think you can get one with a Corvette engine and
possibly a stick.
Ferraris are expensive to maintain in part b/c the engine timing belt service
requires an engine drop or pull. (Not sure if this remains true on the latest
models). Parts were high, but not as crazy as Lambo parts. Porsche parts
aren't cheap either, but there is a huge third aftermarket supply of stuff for
them. Mechanics' time/cost pretty much the same across the board, unless
you know somebody. Most ignominious fixes- owning a Fiat with a 'Ferrari'
motor- Fiat quality, Ferrari pricing. (Yes, I know Fiat has owned Ferrari since
Whart, aren't the Lamborghini parts expensive because they build such small numbers of cars. I saw a show recently on T.V. Where one of the heads of the Lamborghini factory said they will never allow robots in their factory. He said they want their cars built by Italians.
Whart....Fiat/Chrysler doesn't own Ferrari anymore. Just a couple of days ago there was an IPO for Ferrari - now a separate company. I was going to buy in, but found out the asking price....
String- thanks, i did see something about that in the news and didn't really pay any attention. Appreciate the correction.
Taters- dunno. The price when I had a late run Diabo 6.0 (which was sort of the end of the trail, after the Audi purchase of the company, but before they changed the body design too much) for even the stupid stuff was obscene. Thankfully, I had a resourceful mechanic who was very good with Lambos. I had 6 Ferraris over the years, and very few problems with any of them. I prefer the older, more primitive ones, but the prices right now are nuts. I suspect we are in a bubble, and that's happened with these cars before. God bless the italians though- fantastic design sense and car crazy culture.
Whart, I had mentioned that we are in a bubble on Ferrarichat and the group over there went ballistic. They actually think these cars are worth what the crazy dealers are asking. It's like musical chairs and someone is going to lose their seat and there A - -