CAD SLI-80 Signature speaker recommendation

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Proud new owner of a bouncing baby SLI 80 looking for speaker recommendation/s from past and/or current owners of the Cary.

Listening preferance is 1950-60 jazz, but can include almost anything. Room size is approx. 12' x 14'. With past tube amps, I usually prefer triode mode over ultralinear. Source will be Rega P25/Grado Ref. Plat., and I'm not sure yet on CDP.

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Coincident, any model that suits your budget & listening space sure worked for me.
My Sli 80 sounded fantasic with my Apogee Major Centaurs, however the 80 lacked a little grunt but I think with your roomsize the smaller Centaur Minors would sound great, not a expensive speaker either at 500 to 750. Regards, John
Hedgehog- I'm a very happy owner of an SLI-80 myself. I'm in a room slightly larger than yours, driving a very inefficient pair of Revel F-30 speakers to magnificent effect. Prior to owning the Cary I was driving the Revels with a Pass X-250 amp- a monster. When I decided to sell the Pass Preamp and Amp I was using, I knew I'd have to sell the Revels as well- surely the Cary could'nt drive 'em.

Bullshit. I have been absolutely amazed at the SLI-80. I use it in TRIODE mode, and it drives the hell out of the Revels- with better imaging than I've ever had in that room.

I've been in this hobby for a long time, and I've never seen a better bargain than the Cary- as you'll probably agree.

Moral of the story? Don't be afraid of "inefficient" speakers with the Cary in your room size. Audition speakers, buy what you like. For me, the Revel/Cary combo is an unlikely but blissful union.

Have fun!
Thanks, for the input guys. My wife has decided that she NEEDS me to buy her a CDP before I get new speakers...she doesn't want to futz with the turntable. I can't wait to hear the amp with some quality monitors.

After some 20-30 hours of operation, the 80 is sounding pretty darn sweet. It compares very favorably with my previous VTL TL2.5/ST-150 setup, which cost over double at retail.
The SLI-80 Signature drives my pair of Infinity Intermezzo 2.6 speakers and Intermezzo 1.2s subwoofer beautifully without breaking a sweat. My friend uses the SLI-80 Formula One to drive Von Schweikert 4jr's and it sounds glorious.
Presently using Galante Symphony with the Cary SLI 80 Signature and the sound is excellent. This is an amplifier that can show major benefit with tube rolling especially using RCA 5U4s and getting as good you can afford 6922s and 6sn7s. The sound can be as transparent as you have ever heard.