CAD 211 AE Owners

Since the amp has 4ohm and 8ohm taps, can I run two sets of speaker cable using each tap? I want to run a set of cable to my mid/tweeter using the 8ohm tap and another set to my woofer using the 4ohm tap. It so happens those are the respective impedances of my speaker's modules (Von Schweikert VR-4SR). Could that damage the amps or would I be better off running both sets of cables from the same output on the amps? I'm new to bi-wired speakers.

This would definitely warrant a call to Cary. I could give you may opinion, which I believe is to be correct, but it's not 100%. Call them (919) 355-0010
Interesting question!! Could you please post the reply here on A'gon if you find out the answer.
I have VAC amps and the manual states that it is acceptable to use both taps at the same time. I have tried that option on different speakers but use the 8 ohm tap right now. I don't see why the Cary would be bothered by using both sets of taps at the same time.