Cabling throughout system

I'm ready to get new cables. My system consists of: Theta Carmen source, Theta DSPro Basic IIIa DAC, Adcom GFP-750, Bryston 4B-NRB, Snell C/V. I need a digital cable to go from source to DAC, two pair of interconnects (DAC to pre, pre to amp), and speaker cables (Snell's can biwire).

Which cable should I do first? (i.e. digital cable, speaker cable)?

Also, any specific cable recommendations for this setup? I'm looking for cables that are not too extreme in any direction, what some call 'neutral' cables.

I'm willing to buy new or used. Budgetwise, I'm not really sure. Each of these components retails for 2-3k, so whatever makes sense as a budget for cables (more than a hundred but less than a grand for each?).

Thanks all.
Brands of cable I would consider that I have experience with:

Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Nordost

Cardas - Try the Neutral Reference
Acoustic Zen - Try the Matrix Reference
Nordost - Try the Red Dawn I or II

All of these innerconnects run about $200 to $400 1M used. This is the price range I would be at for cables with your system. Spend more, and you will wish you had a better front end. Theta is good, but I think it can be a bit bright.

Speaker Cable
I like the Acoustic Zen Satori. Great stuff for the price. Every once and a while you can find it used.

Digital Cable
Good luck. I have not had to buy a digital cable in a long long time. I have Camelot I2S 6 Pin running through my digital.


I might suggest that you try Emsemble Cables. I have tried many of the cost is no object cables from the top companies. I find these to be excellent in all areas. They are also among the most cost effective.

I purchased mine from Joe @ JC Audio. Great guy to work with & has a great return policy. He is also helpful in finding just the right combination for your system.

Good Listening
I have found that Tara Labs are very neutral. I recommend looking for used Air series interconnects, digital and speaker cables... but the RSC Ref. Gen. series, the next step down, are also quite good. There are many good bargains on Tara right here at Audiogon. I began using all RSC Ref. Gen. in 1999 and then slowly upgraded each to the Air 3 or Air 2 during the last year and am quite pleased. However, there is no substitute for in-home trials as Cardas and Nordost have also been well reviewed here.
Good Listening
The Kimber KS3035 will crush any one of the above speaker cables mentioned. The 3035 to AZ Santori is a complete joke. I tried both for a week. As a matter of fact the less expensive Kimber Monocle X blew the Santori away. The Santori is only a little better than MIT's comparable priced cable. The Cardas just doesn't have the extension the 3035 has. The Tara, well the 3035 is in another league. Expensive but you get every penny worth. Try it and i guarentee that you will not settle for anything less.
Give Bob Carver a shot: Phoenix Gold interconnects. Best bang for the buck. Period. I just ordered a BNC to RCA digital cable for my new DAC. It's my fith interconnect. Call Steve Monte @ Quest for Sound here in Dealer's Showcase.