Cabling questions

Hello all...
 I had the opportunity to pick up a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 8’s at a ridiculous price. One speaker was missing the jumper plates but I was able to rig one up from another speaker just to get an idea of how they sound. I am pretty impressed with them.

My question is the best way to make up for the missing jumper. I’ve read in these forums that it seems many of you prefer jumper cabling over bi wire.

Option 1: find a jumper plate to replace the missing ones. (This would be the poorest option as far as sound reproduction from what I read)
Option 2: purchase bi wire cables. (Any suggestions of a moderately priced set)
Option 3: keep my present cables and purchase jumpers.
Option 4: purchase new speaker cables and matching jumpers

I am running the speakers with a Yamaha RX-A830 with 30 year old Kimber Kable 4tc

I appreciate your help. 
If you like the sound with your cables the cheapest option is eithr buy or make a jumper wire.
Those are some good speakers, and frankly they are good enough that they will reward you significantly more if you drive them with something better than a mass market AVR.  If I were you, I'd focus the majority of my future audio dollars on a new preamp/amp or integrated amp.  Toward that end, and since you don't currently have expensive speaker cables, I'd recommend getting a short run of decent speaker cable and cut it into two short lengths to use as jumpers -- just strip the ends and poke them through the holes in your speaker binding posts and tighten them down.  Very cheap and easy, and they'll sound better than those awful stock jumpers.  Hope this helps, and congrats on the speakers. 
Option 5: You can strip enough insulation off your cables to allow bridging the posts with a continuous length of wire, thereby eliminating separate jumpers altogether, and the additional lossy connection points you'd have with them. This makes for the least connection points and lowest possible impedance. As a bonus, it will cost you nothing.

To see what I'm referring to, reference the picture of the Quads in this thread:
For the time being, until you can afford the investment to replace your Yamaha with more musical components etc, I totally agree 110% with helomech's suggestion, that is the way to go assuming you like the sound of your Kimber Kable 4tc speaker cables. BTW, those speaker cables are still good sounding speaker cables regardless of their age.
I’m going to strip the wires and try your suggestion. 
Perhaps I should start a new post and ask for suggestions on an amp. I’m watching several on the sale site.