Cabling for First 2.0 System

In my HT days, I used AR, Monster, and even (ghasp!) Radio Shack Gold cabling to string together my components.

However, with my first pieces of kit on the way for a dedicated 2.0 system, I wonder which modestly-priced cabling would work best for a system described below.

Any advice would be appreciated!


Audio Refinement Complete Integrated Amplifier

Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Monitors

Channel Islands DAC & External Power Supply

HTPC w/ or w/o Lynx22 sound card (separate on board CD-R/W and DVD-R/W drives)

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3200HD STB
A great cable and a great buy reside in Isreal Blume's Coincident CST ic. At 299.00USD a miter retail they are hard to beat for overall excellence in Hifi values. I have them in my tube system with the likes of Atma-Sphere and Aesthetix and imo they do little harm to my music. They are very neutral and are not a cable to attenuate or "fix" a system problem as many cables are used for. The one down side to these wires is they take 200+ hours to break in (no kidding). Read what is said about how they compare and you might be surprised:
I have had very good results with e-ticketcables, without spending much.
Contact Mapleshade,30 day audition period.
You can also order several different cables at the same time from the Cable Company. Very cost effective way to compare many cables at the same time. You do pay 5% of the cost plus shipping. The 5% is not refundable but is applied as a "store credit". No affiliation with them, but I am a satisfied customer.