Cabling for ear 834 phono

Any advice on RCA Interconnect cable for ear 834 phono to connect to linestage?

I am currently using an anti-cable and sounds great but am keen to hear what other cables others have used with a solid state linestage. My linestage is dartzeel
I have been using Harmonic Technologies Truth Link for several years now between my EAR 834p and my line stage with satisfactory results. Another option you might consider is a cable by Audioquest such as their Niagara.

What are you using between your table and the EAR?
I am using a Townshend Rock 7 turntable with a Rega RB700 tonearm with cardas wiring to the phono. I have a better Origin Live Illustrious arm on my Lenco L75 table. The rock 7 sounds great with the Rega RB700 and the Ortofon A90 cartridge but would undoubtedly sound better when I get around to upgrading the tonearm.
Sounds like you're on a pretty tight budget. I think that the Black Mountain Pinnacle are better than they have a right to be at that price. They list at like $900, but they ususally auction here (new from the mfg) for about $100+ for a meter. They are pretty damn good.