Cables with VPI Scout

I've just purchased a VPI Scout and I need to get interconnects to go between the table and my preamp. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the cables sold by VPI or whether there are others in the same price range that offer better performance. Cartridge is a Dynavector 20XH. Thanks for your help!
Why not stick with the VPI brand?In your mind you are getting what they think is a "piece" or set sound that takes the one more manufacturers design philosophy so you can can have catridge to head amp and evaluate what you have withoutb thinking sombody else's take on impeadance,dialectric,etc is being introduced.Fairly priced and sicne VPI recomends Dynvector,Grado,and a few other cartridges you can assume (and cal and ask head tech Mike or Harry himself) that they designed the cabels using the Dyvnavector.A lot of people choose companies like Naim,Linn,Audio Note, and even modest Rega because they can get a system that is made from stylus to woofer and tweeter by the same company and feel this should produce the best system for the dollar.I know a guy who gavce up a very expensive Audion Note system based on this philosophy for one made by Rega and he loves it but say's that he would have really noticed the drop in price point much more if he had hodge podged together a rig at same price point.Not how I have done things and not maybe not how you have built your rig but I am thinking this maybe the way I cable my rig eventually.BTW I would consider this match of tone arm wiring continuing on through to the phono section even though I would unltimately like tweaky wire from Mappleshade or their high end line whose name I am spacing out right now.But generally I have been a cable skeptic.But I do like Mapplshades CD's (if you dig Jazz get Clifford Jordan's "Live At Ethell's" which uses their wires of course with straight to tape no bopard with EQ,Filtering ,Compression,ect.Best CD I have heard other than some Japanese 24 bit Venus recordings).Back to the arm.I am kind of hodge podging it now with some silver wires but have thought about egtting the VPI stuff just to keep it a "Piece".I own a $5K extended Aries with a 12.5 arm and am kind of low balling it right now with a $500 Sonata from Grado.Probably going to get the $1250 Reference from Grado or a an MC in that price range.I mention all this as even if I spend big money on my rig in other areas I am probably not gooing to modify the arms wiring so why not continue the VPI sound back from the RCA block into the head amp and get what they think is right for that chunk of my my Hifi and spend more if you were going to go Radio Shack or save money if you were going to go silver plated Ga-Ga.I know this is longer than many 19th century Russian novels but if anybody is still awake and thinks I have my head up my ass let me know.
Your VPI tonearm is wired with Discovery, and yes They supply interconnects made from the same tonearm wire, but if you would like to stay with the same tonal balance, then why not investigate interconnects from the people who supply the tonearm wire to VPI. Discovery makes several interconnects and has an audition policy.
Save yourself some money as Harry at VPI has been using Joe from Discovery Cable wires in his tonearms for years.

This (Below)is the same as the Vpi Phono Cable, minus the outer jacket (which probably hides the Discovery name on the cable).

This (Below) Cable although has better Rhodium Rca Connections.

Do a search on Discovery within these Threads, & you will find nothing but Praises.

For example Vpi's set-up/check level sells for $12-16.00 it's made by Johnson's Level Company, & sells for less then 2 bucks at Lowe's Home Improvements.

Why pay $150-200 for something in a plastic bag with a VPI sticker? When you can skip the middleman, & get directly from the source for $80.00? Enjoy the savings!

Hey Joe, can I get a free cable for this plug? :0)~
i have 2 prs of discovery NOS on order for my scout,and acoustech ph1p,ill update when i recieve them and get a few hrs on them,,
Thanks everyone. Raytheprinter, look forward to hearing your results. Meanwhile, I'll be looking into Discovery Cable.
hello Dodgealum,it took awile for the NOS to break in,the soundstage,imaging,midrange are great,bass is good,but not quite as punchy as i like,a touch on the warm side in my system,good detail too! im keeping them,they also worked very well with my tuner!
hello Dodgealum,the nos ic took forever to break in!!! the bass did firm up a bit more,im happy,,what are you using for a phono stage?also how does your dynavector sound ?im using a clearaudio arum beta s,pretty happy with it,but cant help wondering what a MC of decent quality would sound like!!what do you use under your scout?im using a paving stone under mine,i tryed a maple butcher block, but it seemed to soften up the sound too much in my system,the paving stone tightened everything up nicely.if your systems already on the warm side,nos might not be the best choice,but if youd like a touch of warmth they might do well,there stong points are ,great soundstage,beautiful midrange,good detail to,,