Cables with Musical, Deep, Tight, Bass Response


Can anyone recommed a speaker cable to run from my amp to my active crossovers, again into my sub-woofers (per REL; Von Schweikert) and again from my mono amps to the bass portion of my monitors. Can you also recommend interconnects to run from the variable out on my amp to these mono amps?

I am using a Denon 3910 CD player through the old DK Design Mk II interconnects into a DK Design Mk III through a pair of Guerrilla Audio silver speaker cables into the top portion of a pair of LSA2 speakers and need a recommendation for speaker cables to go into a pair of RBH SA-400 active crossovers, the same to go into a pair of TBI Magellan VIII sub-woofers and the same again to go from my NuForce Reference 9s to the bottom portion of my LSAs for the purpose of bi-amping. I will be coming from the variable out of my DK and into NuForce Reference 9 mono amps with the recommended interconnect. I will be running my monitors full range, bringing in the subs at, perhaps 40 Hz.

Any advice?

Thank you!
soundstring for a reasonable price cable or xlo signature for more expensive...
You don't mention price.

I like my Nordost SPM's, but you also have to add speed to the list...
Thank you for your responses. Looking at some of the prices of the above, I really should mention price. I would go maybe 350 for speaker cables and maybe the same for interconnects, new or used. Keep in mind that these will be used for transmitting bass frquencies only and I'm perfectly happy with my silver Guerrilla Cables driving the monitors full range.

Okay, let's add speed to the list.
Canare 11s4. DIY product at .69 per foot, new! Exellent bass thru them. Do a search on them. Excellent stuff - especially for the $$.

Good luck