Cables with Marantz PM-11S3, NA-11S1 and KEF LS50

Hi, I'm expecting delivery of a Marantz PM-11S3, NA-11S1 and KEF LS50 system. I'll probably add a turntable shortly. I'll stream redbook from my Diskstation and use USB for the DSD and other files.

For now, I'll need speaker cables and a balanced interconnect. The dealer is recommending DH Labs Q10's for the speaker cables and Revelation ICs. They are silver coated copper I think. They are supposed to be great bang for the buck cables. I like that, but don't want to skimp on cables.

I've had all kinds of components over the years from CJ tubes to Naim separates. My last setup was Naim with Harbeths. I like detail and air and feeling like I'm in the middle of the stage or at least the first row. Listen to Jazz, classical, blues and vocals from David Sylvian to Patricia Barber. If I had to choose, I"d pick midrange over anything else.

I've used Nordost Frey's (series 1) and liked them. Had Cardas GRs with a Melin TSM-MMM and Ars Sonum integrated. Like that too.

Anyone with this combo? Anyone know what to look for on the technical side based on the specs of these pieces? Thanks for any help.