Cables with Forest Totems

I'd like some advice re: affordable speaker cable. I have an opportunity to pick up some used Acoustic Zen holograms. Another recommendation has been the Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II.
Thanks for any help..

Plinius 9200
Rega P3
Exposure 2010S
Totem Acoustic Forest speakers
Analysis Plus Oval 1 IC's
Signal Cable Silver Resolutions.
at 1st I used Audioquest sterling/clear shotgun bi wired. Great. The Zen holograms bi wired were just pale and boring next to the AQ but very good none the less. Plinius 8200II was the amp. If you can afford the AQ....
MIT TermII BiWire
AP Oval 9's. I use them with my 9100 and Model 1's with great results.
Thanks for the feedback...I did purchase the Zen Holograms but I'm keeping my eyes open for Totem bi wire. The Holograms sound good but it's hard to judge because my speakers are still breaking in.