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I have a system that is quite revealing and quie "accurate".My speakers are rated to 25HZ, but am wondering if there are cables(IC's) that will help me realize those ratings. I know there are cables that won't.Right now I have Harmonic tech Magic II's from pre to amp, Audiences AU e from Dac to pre, Audience AU from CD to Dac and Acoustic Zen Matrix II's from Turntable to Pre. Any ideas? Thanks
All good cables, Hickbone. Certainly people will always say there is better, or there is worse. yours are quite well regarded...certainly good enough that you should not find they are actually limiting your speakers natural response to 25hz.

If you wish to explore "better cables", i like Transparent Reference cables (Reference, Reference XL and Reference MM2). I have heard mixed reviews about the older Reference MM1...with some people preferring the older Transparent cables that came before MM1.

For the money, i also like Sablon Audio power cables and their new Panatella cable. Free trial i think. 30 days.

good've got good cables. enjoy!
Yes, do seek new cables for 25K. Of course, only your dog will be hearing those sounds, but hey, it will put simle on your face.
you should post your system, otherwise no one can advise you.
Thanks for the comments(snide or otherwise) My speakers are Kef 207/2's, Pass labs x350.5 amp and Aesthetix Calypso preamp.Marantz SA8004 CD player and Eastern Electric Minimax DAC and VPI Classic Turntable with Clearaudio Basic Plus pre. Speaker cables are AZ Double Barrel. I have tried positioning the speakers as "optimally" as I can. Actual room treatments are going to be tough(wife) but have curtains over the windows to help some. Although the system sounds fine, I feel it could use a little more "warmth". Thanks in advance
Thanks for the info! This is not a snide remark, but hopefully helpful advice. I have heard or owned many of your components. The AZ cable is not the problem, but I bet your AUdience are making the sound a bit thinner than you want. I have the HT magic 1 from my VPI Classic to my phono pre. What cart do you run? I can't attest to how warm the HT Magic 2 are but I love the wide soundstage and detail the Magic 1 provide in my system. You might try Cardas Golden Ref, Cardas Golden Cross or Purist line to get some more warmth, esp in the digital side of things. The Double Barrel are definitely on the warmer side (I have the AZ Satori double bi wire and love them). Another option, but pricey, are the I think your Audience are the problem here, not the AZ Matrix. You could check in with Better Cables for advice too. Good luck!!
Thanks Swanny. I see you have the Cardas Golden Refs from pre to amp. I was thinking of getting that cable(XLR) for the same use. Then put the HT Magic 2's elsewhere.(the HT's are XLR's the rest RCAs) I actually found the AU e's a little smoother in the highs than the AZ Matrix Ref. II's. Of course, the AZ's have just finished "burning in" in the basement for just under 100 hrs at this point.Just a hint of glare at louder volumes with them, it seems. We'll see what they're like now, this weekend. BTW, you didn't finish your thought on "another option, but pricey..." Thanks!
Sorry, that was just text I should have deleted, but the reference would have been to the Purist line of cables which are pricey but really nice sound IMO. Anyway, I am running my G Refs from DAC to pre now that I added some Synergistic Tesla Accelerators between pre to amps. All balanced. I did that because I needed a bit less reticence in my system and it is working well so far. I have not heard the Matrix myself. I really like Cardas a lot, they do roll off the highs a bit but I like the mid bass bump they provide and they really are a smooth cable that are still revealing enough. What I like is that everything is very listenable through them, which I can't say about other cables. You can find the Cardas here for around 500, so try them and you can always quickly resell here.
I think that dominative factor is not cables but amplifier. If it doesn't push enough current, than you won't be able to reach maximum potential of speakers with any cables.
To Marakanetz, Hickbone's Pass amp will run loads of current. It's certainly not the issue here. Read all of above.
I can't think of an interconnect that won't go below 20 hz.
Interconnect doesn't care much about low frequency at all since it could conduct even 0Hz i.e. DC.
Lloyd, I will try and audition some Transparent references but they do seem a little pricey. Certainly enough so that I won't be buying any without hearing them first. Thank you for your input. Swanny, the Cardas Golden Refs seem to be affordable enough to try.(All used, of course) I am not looking to roll off the highs, but have certainly read that they do possess a "warmth" to them. BTW, I have an AT33EV for a cart on my Classic right now. Was looking for a Dynavector or Soundsmith Zephyr but got a nice deal on the AudioTechnica. Thanks
Hi Hickbone,

I have bought all my Transp Ref shand at cents on the dollar. Even the older stuff from a number of years ago is still very good imho. Good luck. BTW, CArdas Golden Ref is very, very good too. good luck.
OK- I managed to obtain a pair of Cardas Golden Reference IC's(along with a GR PC) and have to say that yes, indeed, I can hear a clearly increase in bass. Meaning I can clearly hear the bass, but "feel" more of the bass too. Now, I had a Shunyata Copperhead PC on my Pass amp and when I hooked up the GR IC's I have to say it was not a discernable change. Hooked up the GR PC AND the GR IC's and ,yes, definitely a change. However, soundstage is totally different than the HT Magic II's. More recessed, I think. I also feel some of the detail is missing. On certain solos, I can tell the placement of the soloist is moved. What was once centerstage is now recessed. Now, I have to say I don't know if it was intended to be recessed or centerstage, just that that's how it sounds now. Personally, I think it was intended for center stage. But, that's me.So, while the Golden References did, in fact, give me more bass extension, I am looking to other avenues. I am thinking Purist Audio Venustas or Synergistic Tesla Accelerators for IC's from preamp to amp. I just feel something is missing. Don't get me wrong it still sounds wonderful. Guess I'm just a brat...or very hard to please.
Lloydelee21 , the Sablon audio power cables are the real deal as you can see here..
For what it's worth, I think the Harmonic Tech Magic II's are much better that the Cardas Golden Reference. Probably not what I'm seeking, but clearly the HT Magic II's don't mask the high end detail. Probably don't equal in the bass dept, but, hey, there's a lot more than bass going on.