Cables to mitigate CD glare -upper mids/lower hi's

Currently using a fine CDP (Accuphase 75v) but on "non-audiophile" CD's there is the typical upper mid range-lower treble glare. My system is very revealing (Hurricane amps / Total Victory speakers) -- any suggestions on cables which could mitigate this condition. I am aware that Cardas Golden could do this. Current using Coincident cables. Any other suggestions?
I tried the Discovery Signature cables and they seemed to mitigate to some degree the upper mid/low hi glare on poorer CDs while being very well balanced overall.
Cardas is always referred to when someone asks for a warm cable. I use Cardas. However, have you considered how you will feel when your collection of high quality CD's exceed the ones with the midrange glare - you won't be able to hear hear much of the benefit they bring, it will all be surpressed. I use a tone control in the tape loop for control of poor sounding CD's. (I would not put it in line between the amp/preamp.)
Cardas for sure. A used pair of "crosses" will help.
I used Discovery Essence for a more forgiving balance. But after the latest mod of my EMC-1 UP I'm able to use even Nordost SPM and STILL not have hard-sounding digititis on poorer quality CDs. I don't understand why this is an issue with the Accuphase.... Maybe it's a sidewall reflection spectral bump that's exacerbated with digital low-treble hash? Good luck....
I would not add this if it was not so on point: Email Purist Audio and/or ask around about their HDI i/c.
Newbee, I would like to hear more about how you hook up the tone control, and what model you use. I would like to do this if it can be done for $500 or less.
If your preamp has a tape loop you simply connect the equalizer/tone controls to the designated RCA's of the back of the pre amp. When you want to hear the source thru the equalizer you turn on the tape monitor. Check your pre-amp manual. As for recommendations - EBay has lots and they are not too expensive. I'd be inclined to buy one of the older higher quality types as opposed to a new "named brand". It may take a bit of research on your part. As I recall Audio Control made some fairly good quality equalizers for 250 to 350 bucks, 1980's money. I've seen them for advertised for sale for 150 to 200. If you can get a good one they are a good value. Good luck.
Harmonic Technology Truthlinks or MIT 330. The Truthlinks are a little more revealing, the MIT more forgiving.
try a pair of the cardas hexlink or cardas cross/ golden cross between the cd to pre. they are very warm sounding and will add body and bass.

hope that helps...

what are you using for a pre-amp ?
I am not using a preamp. Going direct from the Accuphase 75V into the power amps. The 75V is not inherently bright (not in the least). I believe the issue may be the ribbon tweeter on the Coincidents TV's. I am also going to try different input tubes on the Hurricanes.
I am using an Audio Tekne cd transformer for 2 years and it is astonishing how the glare is removed Without changing the music. The changing of cables that removed the glare also diminished the music in most cases.