Cables to connect TV audio output to a Bose Radio?

I have a Samsung TV with rear mounted speakers which are lousy sounding. I ran a "Radio Shack" RCA cable from the TV audio output to the "aux" input of the Bose Wave radio. The sound is remarkably better but I could use more volume. I've made all the internal adjustment with the TV and the Bose to maximum volume, but could still use more volume, especially for British productions. Are there interconnect cables that provide "more" volume than others?
1-Cables won't help
2-You are already pushing the bose too far-it's always too far with a bose radio
3-WHY? The $500 spent on the bose could easily buy something like a Denon mini system which is way beyond the bose
I agree, cables will not help. There are many solutions for your problem, but the issue is the bose does not have enough output to do what you are asking it to. You need something besides a table radio to accomplish what you are seeking. An integrated with a small set of speakers would potentially put you light years ahead of where you are now. There are inexpensive DIY speakers you could try, combining that with a small integrated or receiver would keep you under $500.

If you are not looking to spend any money, you may be out of luck at this time.
My friend has a Bose wave radio and it cranks pretty loud on FM and CD. Should be plenty loud to watch TV. The problem may be in a low signal from the source. Are you using a cable box or satellite box to feed signals to your TV? If so, check the audio settings in the box. I've had experience on some installs with low audio output to a receiver/amp due to the factory default settings in the cable box. Your TV will just pass along this low signal if that is the case here. There is usually a menu item to set various compression settings or to switch between "fixed" and "variable" which affect the analog output level of the cable box. Try the max compression setting or fixed setting and see if that helps boost the output. -jz
Your best fix for the Bose is a Smitth & Wesson.

It will definitely make it sound better.