Cables Suggestions for My System?

Hey out there,

I am lost in the cable jungle, and I can't make out which way is up. I don't know which cable way I have to go and it's not exactly easy to audition these things. Can you help me?

This is my setup:

Pathos Logos Integrated Amp (likely keeping this one)
Cayin A-100T Integrated Amp
Benchmark DAC (thinking about a PS Audio Digital Link III)
Rega Apollo CDP
Salk HT-1 monitors

I have several Audience PC's and one Virtual Dynamics David PC. IC's are primarily Audience Maestros and one AZ Silver Byte digital IC (between the CDP and DAC).

The weak link IMHO is that my speakers cables are 13' Zu Wax cables.
I don't hear a huge differences between cables but I figure now is the time for an upgrade. Given a budget of up to $750 (new or used) I need suggestions.

If it helps, I'm more of a jazz listener with a emphasis on vocals and brass instruments. Thanks!

i would definatelty consider Paul Speltz Anti cables..You will have plenty of money left over..Don't underestimate there sound vs. cost..
Supra Swords. I sent you an email about them. If you check out the other forum discussions there's more information too.

Clear Day Cables. About 1/2 your budget if you get his double shotgun, and there is a 30-day, no questions asked, money back trial period. These are solid silver wrapped around tubing that provides essentially an air dielectric. Well, you can read the rest in the ad here on A'gon.

I have been using a pair of these for a couple of months now so I'm around 200 hours on them. The Clear Days are competing very well with some speaker cables that cost me 4 times what these did. They are neutral sounding and will show you any changes you make upstream.
Along the lines of the Clear Day Cables another giant killer out there are the new Grover Huffman ribbon speaker cables.
I don't hear a huge differences between cables but I figure now is the time for an upgrade.

Mightyburner (Threads | Answers)
If you don't hear a huge difference between cables, then I'd suggest not replacing what you have, and spending your money on music instead.
if you're going the anti-cable route, just go to your local electric motor repair shop and buy some 12 guage magnet wire, or thicker if you can get it. terminate the ends yourself and save a bundle over the "anti-cables". try the MAC speaker cables here on audiogon. they are inexpensive, but sound excellent.
Tvad - Your likely right but I have heard subtle differences. My previous system was very (emphasis on very) entry level and I was using some generic Monster cables. After upgrading everything but the speaker cables I got the Zu Wax cables. There was, at least to me, a noticeable difference. Clarity was much improved and the soundstage seemed to opened open up a little. I've already added some acoustical treatments which quite honestly was my best investment to date. Now seems like the time to to start upgrading my cables (albeit slowly).

To start I've already begun to research the cables suggested by the other posters but would always appreciate more input.


OK, then.

Gregg Straley Reality Cables.
AZ Hologram II cna be had for less than $500 depending on length. Very nice cable. Easy to resell too.
The Cardas cables never fail to sound musical. If you want Cardas, look at the Cross, Twinlink or Quadlink.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

I just picked up the AZ Hologram II from my primary dealer for an extended demo. For comparison, he also provided me with the Blue Circle BC92 cables.

I second the reality cables there excellent value for the money and Gregg Straley the designer is one hell of a nice guy.

Gregg's cables wil beat out any cables 1k and below IMO