Cables suggestion

Hi! I'm going to buy all the cables for my hi-fi system (amplifer accuphase e530, cdp accuphase dp-57 and speakers proac future1). What cable do you suggest me to try (speaker and interconnect)?
Thank you very much.

Check the archives and you will find no consensus. What have you heard that you liked?
audio note every time the most natural sounding cable i know. Otherwise make them your self they are easy to do and require little or no experience. You can buy pure silver or copper wires (99.99%) of all sizes suggest use 0.15 mm wires and use teflon sheaths but preferably polyurethane if you want less hash.For speakers use about 15 wires per connection and for signal about 5 per connection, one lot for the plus and one lot for the minus. Of course for ionterconnects you will need to be able to do a little soldering and need to buy good plugs ??Bullet plugs. These things cost pennies to a few pounds and although i spend thousands of pounds on the equipment all the cabling, power supply, interconnects and speaker cables are homemade. Tried nearly all of the others commercially available!!