Cables recommended for Sony based system?

This is actually for a friend of mine who is piecing together a HT set-up based on the DVP-NS999ES and STR-DA5ES receiver. His speakers are Linn Keilidhs with Klipsch center and rear speakers. He is presently using $30 IC's and that clear jacketed speaker cable from the hardware store. He is looking to upgrade and has asked me for my opinions but not being familiar with Sony stuff I ask you for your thoughts. His budget is about $100 per set but I'm trying to raise that being a bit of a cable freak myself.

Looking for recommendations for IC's, PC's and in the wall speaker cables. I have been recommending Kimber Hero's, 8TC and pro-Ac 11's but could use other ideas. Nordost too bright?
Also, any thoughts on multichannel cables?
8TC is a little lean for my taste, Alpha Core Geortz MI2 Veracity is better
Sony gear, Klipsch speakers...kinda bright to start with. I'd look into MIT Shotgun's or Cardas Golden Cross.
Yeah I figured it to be bright based on my limited experience with Sony and have been looking for Cardas for his budget. My friend seems to be set on Signal Cable all around though; IC's, PC's and sp.cables. Any thoughts?
A good friend of mine runs all Signal cables in his Sony HT set up. He likes them better than basic wire, but has made comments about sibilance (brightness) after he installed them. If they don't work out for your friend he can always sell them and try something else. For the money, they are a good cable.
Interesting. I think I will warn him about this. I think sibilance is one of his pet-peeves so it might be good to send him in the Cardas direction. The GC will be too much$ so do the lower end of Cardas share the same properties?
I would recommend AZ WOW IC instead of Cardas, it would be cheaper and better and still very smooth IMO
Buy used Cardas Cross. Will warm that system up.
I tried out the AZ ref matrix II and didn't care for it much in my system. Way too clinical. How does the WOW compare. I had similar experiences with HT in that I liked the truthlink over the Pro-Silway II.