Cables recommendations for Revel F30?

Hello all,
I recently ordered a pair of Revel F30 speakers for my 90%-music/10%-HT system. It consists of:

Rotel RSP-976 pre
Rotel RMB-1075 120x5 amp
Rotel RCD-1070 cdp

I'm currently using Audioquest Type 4 speaker wire (bi-amped) for my speakers.

Does anyone have recommendations on speaker wire to try with this setup? The following brands are available around me:

Straight Wire
Acoustic Zen

Thanks in advance for your insight and time in helping me out.
Hi, I don't have experience with Revel, how ever, I did audition a pair in Berkeley, Ca at a place called Music Lovers, you might want to give them a call. They sell Revels and would let you know what is best...I know that they carry Synergistic, that might be a cable that'll work.
good luck
Type 4 cable is probably bi-wired.
Use it for now and get good 2ch-amp.
10% of HT can be successfully heard with inexpencive receiver or system from still going out-of biz WIZ stores.
Look on the Web for Analysis Plus. Best stuff I've heard regardless of price. Reasonably priced too!
I too dont have in home experience with Revels...but I do with that pre/pro/amp combo paired with B & W CDM-9NTs.

I too have been bitten by the speaker cable upgrade bug.

I was using the RMB-1075 for all channels, it is a little laid back on the top end, but otherwise sounds great.

I might suggest a cable with a expanded top end, some silver maybe. DH labs are affordable.

But other guys here are far more knowledgable than I.

I am using Transparent Musicwave 100s, they sound pretty good, except maybe a little bump in the upper mid.

Some say that is a B & W trait, it could also be my slightly hard room.

Anyway good luck.