cables recommendation for Def Tech BP7002

Just curious if any A'Goners have any recommendation for Definitive Technology BP7002 floorstanding speakers wiht built-in subs and CLR2500 center channel with built in sub, I don't know if the power cables on the sub portion can be upgraded, (I have not purchase them yet) and also what speakers cable would be recommended, the receiver will either be a Pioneer Elite SC-27 or the new upcoming DENON AVR-4810 (replacing 4308ci). Thanks to all that reply....


I believe Definitive uses Kimber 8tc speaker cable at the audio shows to demo the current Mythos ST line. The speakers have detachable power cords.
I have the BP 2002 version, which is the same as the one you wanted to buy, and the CLR3000 for center. For movies, they sound great but I'm not impress with their music productions, very booming, little details. So, I ended up running a separate amp out from a processor and using a different pair of speakers for music and kept the Definitive for movies and other usage. As for cables, for RCA I use AQ Columbia with 72DBS with great results and speaker cables is a pair of Kimber 8TC Bi-wired.
The Mythos ST does have the detachable power cords, but the BP 7000 and the BP 2000 series don't, that goes the same for CLR2500. If you want to upgrade those, you have to do it internally.
AudioQuest GBC speaker cables w/Silver BFA's from HCM Audio.
Just had some made for a Definitive Technology surround sound set-up. HCM has great customer service. products and prices. The Silver BFA's fit really well on the Denon receiver and on the Definitive's.
Sorry. my memory was faulty on the power cords for the BP 7002.