cables recommendation

Hi guys,
I intend to run 2 sets of cable from my audio research vt100 mk2 to my vr4jr speakers, I already have a pair of analysis plus oval 8 for the bass unit. as for the mid/hi unit I still searching for a transparency, forward and open-up sounding cables.
can you guys provide me some recommendations, my budget range from $800 - $1,000.
thank you.
I know that the VSA's are wired internaly with Analysis Plus but IMO they do not sound good with AP speaker wire. I listened to several models in teh AP line and they all sounded terrible to me.
I'm not a wire guy mind you, but I have heard two types of wire; those that muck up the sound coming from the speaker and those that don't. IMO everything else is just pretty outter jackets, pretty terminations, and lots of money that could otherwise be spent on speaker upgrades.

Go to a dealer and ask to borrow three sets of speaker cable from different manufacturers. One will sound better (act as less of a filter than the rest) in you system.

Good luck!
Why not stick with Analysis Plus? I'm running AP Oval 9 biwires to my VR4JRs which connect my amp with both the lower bass unit and upper mid/tweeter unit and the sound is outstanding - very transparent and open with powerful, dynamic bass. Seems to me that using the same wire for both units would make the most compatible match; regardless of what wire you use.
Alternatively, if you do not have access to a local dealer, you could go through's home trial program. There are many adequate cables available at and below your price range. They'll take into account the piece parts that make up your system. A oretty good service, and they are reasonable people to deal with.
Jack368, as a followup, I too am using Analysis Plus speaker cables in my system. They seem to work well with a wide variety of speakers, and fit nicely into your budget.
I am using Analyis Plus shotgun bi-wire with good effect on 4jr. I would like to try Audience at some point out of curiousity. I believe the recommendation with Audience is a single run with a jumper instead of shotgun.
I use MAS Signature Hybrid on my VR4 Gen III HSE. They sound excellent to me. However, because of my long speaker cable runs, I have not experimented with high priced cabling. If you are interested in trying the MAS Signature Hybrid, they are four conductor cables that can be configured as shotgun bi-wire (same as two sets of cable), and would be appropriate if your speaker cable runs are normal length...say less than 15 feet.

The MAS Signature Hybrid comes with a trial period from Audioparts.

No, I don't get a kickback or consideration from Audioparts.
The analysis plus oval 8 biwire sounds too warmth and too thick over my system. I have tested with audionote silver spa cables, single run with data link and jumpers. mid & hi really opens up but the bass is loose and lack of controls. I will source for another pair of tight sounding cables to run the bass.(Biwiring 2 runs of cable from amplifier to vr4jr speakers)

anyone of you here can recommend another set of cheap and good cables to match my audionote spa, how do you think of Paul speltz anticables?
Alpha Goertz veracity MI2 a wonderful cable, cheap, and offers enough for most systems.
I have tested with many brands of cables on double run biwiring to vr4jr and finally settle down with the brands mentioned below;

Mid hi unit - 1 pair of paul speltz speaker cable.
Bass unit - 1 pair of Argento copper reference speaker cable.

sound - good tonal balance, smear free mid hi frequency, deep and articulate detail bass.

presentation - papable midrange, wide and deep 3 dimensional soundstage.

Note: this is carefully matched with a 100 watt tube power amplifier. its not lean or overly warmed from top to bottom, very neutral overall balanced.

I have no ideal how the 2 cable sounds with a solid state amplifier.

other cables used for matching: tested date 8th - 14th may

analysis plus oval 8
acoustic zen satori
audionote spa
transparent super
audience au24
cardas reference
nbs mini serpent
kimble 4/8tc

Right now I advertised all these cable on sale. its not they are bad,is an issue involved in matching with 2 types of different cable.