Cables/Power Cords Shoot Out

There are several smaller Cables/Power Cord advertisers here on the Gon.

We all understand it comes down to system senergy, and what works best with there componets.

No one wants a equalizer in there chain as it adds coloration, Audiophiles tend to use cables to acheive the sonic signature they want from there system, sort as a equalizer.

Has there ever been a shootout comparison of Power Cords and interconnects of these smaller more economic advertisers, compared to the brand named one's costing double or triple the cost.

Curious to see which one's are mentioned the most... and popular with other members.

Here's a couple. [][]
Thanks Hifihvn

Interesting enough, didn't see one of the smaller advitisers that offer there goods here.

Perhaps some could chime in on the ones they bought from the smaller vendors here and there experiences with their power cords and interconnects.
Where system? There system.
Why not bulid some for yourself, and then try different connectors and get a take on how many variables there can be just in DIY power cords?

Speaker wires are another cheap way to compare the differences in sound that different wire configurations and compositions can make.Try stranded copper, or solid core, try different guages,try different twisting configurations, try combinations of everything.Try silver.

My first aftermarket power cord was back in 1987.
I had a pair of Quad 63 speakers, but I was concerned that the very light guage power cords were limiting their performance.

It was a simple task to use some solid core house wiring in place of the thin Quad wire, and use the Quad IEC but replaced the male end with a more robust receptacle from a local hardware store.

The result was well worth the small cash outlay and time involved to make the new power cords.

I have been a power cord convert ever since.
I know that today there are still some who doubt such claims,please don't ask me for proof.

All the proof I needed, was the fact that the gent who later bought my speakers, asked how much I wanted for the DIY power cords after I demoed the speakers with the stock cables and the DIY.

I gave them away to him for free with the speakers.

If you give DIY a try, you just may gain enough knowledge to help you in your evaluation of more expensive wires.

The folks who cry snake oil in this hobby are ususally the folks who haven't had that much experience with things other than what they own.

The more experience you gain from experimenting with wires, the better you'll be able to know what the good stuff is and what the snake oil is.

My tip, get the power cord issue correct before you tackle the other cables.

It makes the process much easier.