CABLES, New companies show me the Cross section

So I am starting to realize many new cable companies have shown up over the last 10 years.

Many claim gold dust, with platinum, mixed with silver, mixed with carbon fiber, mixed with magnets etc...

Great, but show me what they are made of! Not just cutting them open, but really where are all these "Metals" and composites being sourced?

Only because I realize that "Proprietary info" and Marketing strategies would put the fear out that people will copy.

Guess what nobody is going to copy if they still have to pay 1700.00 for an ounce of gold, and have the machine to actually manufacture the cable!

If it is just non-sense with off the shelf belden wire or stripped and re-jacketed coax cable from the local radishack then yes you should be worried about giving the "Secrete formula".

I mean Cardas shows all they are making, not saying I endorse or say their prices are in line, simply saying they are almost an open book, and nobody in their garage is just copying their cross section or designs, and they know you will not be able too.

So please if you are on this site selling the "Gold stranded" top ever made cable, which carries a price tag of 400 or 4000.00 really we need to have some real proof of whats going in that cable.

Not a rant just a reality, if I am going to buy a Bentley they are going to show me the leather streached, the engine in the car, and what materials are truley going to make it better.

Fact is this does not mean they sound better, some probably do sound just the same as some Chinese special that came with your toshiba dvd player in the box, however I am a believer in good cables and they can sound different, or better just not all.

Show me the value even if they don't sound better, don't prove sound with cables, prove the high cost being attached.