Cables: JRD 312 to Sophia2

Sorry for one of these but I need help with my homework.
I have it narrowed kinda, between MIT and Transparent. Even in those 2 brands there are so many models and some confusion exists,for me.
The 312 is the first balanced amp I have ever owned.
I am looking for ic's first then speaker wires.
No way will I be spending for those 20k sets.
So, first of all the brand (because I don't have a clue) then,within the brands which model gives more bang for the buck,--??
My source is the AA Prestige se,which does have bal.-outs.
Avguygeorge, are you open to brands other than MIT and Transparent? My balanced system consists of TEAC X-01 Limited, JRDG Capri linestage, JRDG 312, and Vienna Mahler speakers. Wire brands that I found to be synergistic with JRDG are Shunyata (Anaconda Alpha Helix PCs), Furutech (Evolution series ICs, PCs, speaker wires), and Audioquest (Sky ICS). My wiring is currently entirely Furutech. Feel free to message me if you want more info.