cables, interconnects.. ect.. $$$$

vandersteen 2ceSignature
mccormack upd 1 and rld1 and dna 125..

the store loaned me some cables /interconnects... but have returned them.. kinda tapped out after buying the above... I realize I may get crucified for asking..but do I really need to spend 3000$ more on cables and interconnects...does the weakest link adage apply here? if, so, any suggestions for what may pair well with my gear..

many thanks.. this site has been a godsend over the years... I have been trolling it for ages.. helped greatly in my choices..
No you don't have to spend another $3000 for cabling. Set a budget that represents 15% - 20% of the cost of your system. Then start trying out cables. Many vendors (Morrow Audio, Grover Huffman, Reality Cables, Ven Haus Audio, etc.) have 30 day or more trial period. You could also call Cable Company and borrow from their library. Buy used cables if possible, preferably those that are easy to flip if you don't like them.
You'll definitely be able to find some cables that fit your budget and will sound just fine in your system. Just put in the effort to listen.
You definitely don't have to spend a fortune on cables to get great sound and performance. Black Sand, Signal, and Virtual Dynamics is a good place to start. Even the big name brand cable manufacturers, which often have astronomically priced products, have excellent cables at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Plus, you can find good deals here on used cables. Have fun!