Cables in question

I presently have HK 3470 receiver, Arcam cd player, speakers are Rainmakers, Tetra 120u, Silverlines sr 11. I'm using inexpensive generic cables. If I were to move up in cables that produce a noticeable difference, any suggestion?

Thank you.
Look thru the archives for speaker cable info. You'll see all the debates about which cable is best. The answer to your question is yes, but you didn't mention what cables you are currently using.
But you need to research what cable will be best for ur system.
Thank you , Low Rider. I'm presently using some inexpensive cables from eBay, I think they cost $100 new, if this means anything. I put gold bananas on. Bare wires connect to the reciever.
Lowrider, I'm presently using Dayton cables.
Do your research, but a great cable is Canare 4S11...neutral sounding, tight bass, wide soundstage all at a low price. It's considered a "budget" cable but performs very well. Also look at Bluejeans Cable...another great performer at a low cost. I think ur Rainmakers deserve a better cable.
Thanks Lowrider. Advise taken.
You could check with The Cable Company after doing some research. They offer in home trials on used cable.
Another method, and the one I choose, is to purchase used cables on this site or ebay and resell if not to your liking. The only problem for me with this method is I have a closet full of cables I'm too lazy to sell.