Cables for Wyred 4 Sound STI-500

My Wyred STI-500 is breaking in nicely - very nicely - sweet plus detailed plus deep controlled bass - and it is looking like a keeper. (Also I like the look in Black a lot.). Bass control is so good it is causing me to reconsider my subwoofer.

Please share your experiences with cables: RCA, speaker or power. I'm particularly curious as to the quality and family sound of the Wyred-brand RCA and power cables.

Speakers are Silverline 17.5. Sources are Eastern Electric DAC in tube mode, Cary 308T tube output stage cd player, and EAR834P tube phono stage. (Hmmmm, is there a pattern here? ;-)

Hello Art,

Thanks for your advice regarding the EE Minimax DAC. I am enjoying the Mullard tube that you helped me procure. I have decided to return the favor. After listening to 10 different cables, I ended up with Wireworld. I purchased the silver eclipse 6 speaker, interconnect and power cables. I'll be happy to have you come and listen if you would like to come to Needham, MA.
Thanks for the tip! And I'm thrilled to hear your EE DAC and the Mullards are working out so well. BTW I use those Mullards in my Cary 308T cd player and our conversation gave me the idea to try it out in the EE Dac (it will be a couple weeks before I can spare the time - but it is a high priority. I love the Mullard 4003 in the Cary and also Mullard 4004 in my EAR phono stage.)

Will keep your listening offer in mind as well.

Best wishes,
Not exactly STI-500, but I use the W4S DAC2 directly connected balanced to the ST-500.

For cables I am using Pure Note Alluvions XLR from DAC to amp and DH-Labs Q10 from the ST500 to my Martin Logan Sources.

Very detailed and tranparent sound with tons of inner detail. Deep soundstage too. Have not played with power cables yet.

I use the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 into an STI-500. Since the STI-500 has its own volume control, I run the DAC-2 in its fixed-volume mode with great results.

I can recommend the My Audio Cables (MAC) HC Soundpipes power cord. It's inexpensive and it works great for an expansive soundstage and great dynamics.

I'm also using the MAC CUQ speaker cables which seem to sound even better when using the aforementioned MAC HC power cord.

MAC also makes some great sounding interconnects, but I'm using a combination of MAC and SignalCable interconnects.

BTW, I had the EE Minimax DAC in my system and directly compared it to the DAC-2. The EE sounded dismal via the solid-state outputs but much better through the tube outputs. Even then it was not even close to the performance of the W4S DAC-2. The DAC-2 was much more coherent octave to octave, plus it is way more detailed, much less noisy, and more dynamic to boot.

The less expensive W4S DAC-1 should perform pretty close to the DAC-2... and you won't need to worry about which NOS tube sounds best.