Cables for Vandersteen 2 Ce Sig II


I purchased MIT S3 Bi-wire, and 2 pair of S3 interconnects
for my Belles 150A Ref, Belles 21A pre and Rega Apollo.
I've been hearing that these cables do not match well on
the Vandies. I don't have the luxury to go to a dealer to
hear them for myself being overseas in the military. I'd
love to hear some options if these cables are a limiting

MIT matches up quite well in my opinion. The Shotgun S3 is a fine cable and will bring many years of enjoyment.
(I am an MIT dealer, but not Vandy or Belles) Of all the different cables I sell, MIT would be my first recommendation for Vandersteen.
IMHO Vandies love Audioquest cables. I believe Richard Vandersteen voices his speakers with Audioquest cables. One of the finest sounds I have heard recently came from a Quatro/Kilimanjaro/MXR setup. But I've heard the 2 Ces sound great with Audioquest's copper series like the Volcano or Mont Blanc.

I'd love to hear Vandys with Audioquest's new Meteor cables
"I've been hearing that these cables do not match well on
the Vandies." The question is: What do you hear? Do you like it?

If you like the sound you're getting, sleep well, and thank you for serving our country!
I had a great match with kimber 8tc and 4tc.
Personally, I'm a huge Apature fan.
I agree with Khrys. I owned 3A sigs and used Volcano's (Mont Blanc sounds the same as Volcano but smaller). I had Sky but would recommend Colorado with your SS gear in fact if I had it to do again I'd get Colorado!
Thanks guys for the responses, hopefully Audioquest have
a trial period so I can compare them to what I have. Do
they make the Alpha Core Goertz MI 2 also? This was a
friend personal choice. I've owned MIT cables for over
ten years after ditching my Transparent, Kimber, Maestro
and Cardas, which didn't sound well with my Thiels 2.3,
Classe CA100 Conrad Johnson PV12 and CAL DX-1 tansport and
the MH750 were fantastis but time has evidently changed
and I'll look into an audition.

I did go out on a limb when I purchased everything, didn't hear one component at a shop as I normally do, but
took advice from forums and it really worked out well.

Thanks again,
I think they'll work nicely with your Vandersteens.
Thanks guys for the inputs and advice, much appreciated!

Does the recommendations above include interconnects as well since the Goertz seems to be a very popular choice for
the Vandies. Based on cost and performance which would you
buy, the AQ Diamondback or King Cobra as the best bang for the buck?

I can't offer the same recommendation for the Alph-Core interconnects that I do for the speaker cables.
How different is the Transparent Plus IC compared to MIT and AQ?

I'm using Anti-Cables with my Vandersteen 5A's with great satisfaction. They have a money back guarantee.
Looking at a range of $200-$300 new or used.

Received my Bi-wire MI2 Goertz speaker cable today and WOW! They are one a few hour old and my MIT S3's do not
even come close. The Vandies are detailed, open and the image is more focused and the soundstage is easily discernable. The S3's seems to have a more forward midrange, almost buble like in comparison. I imagine the MI2 will only get better in time. Very impressed, just can't wait to receive the AQ Columbia's and see how they
compare up to the S3 interconnects.
Glad your happy, but, two equal seperate runs might even be better.
Actually, it is two equal lengths they're just jointed at
the amp end.

I do have these for a 30 day trial, you think I'll get
better sound with two seperate cables? I can send these
back and get one with spades and bananas at the amp end.
Thanks for equiping me with some valuable info.
One more question? Will I need the Zobel for my Belles 150A Ref amp which has an input imped of 100,000 Ohms? Just want to get what I need the first time since Goertz will put these on if requested. I'll appreciate any advice you can give before I return the biwire and get two seperate runs with spades and bananas on the amp end;)

The silver spades seem to be prefered terminations. I really don't know what would be better in your case. Resale would probably be easier with completely seperate runs/terminations. I prefer the seperate outboard RC networks (Zobels), and yes, I would use them with your ss amp. BTW, I don't think you'll hear much change, the Goertz cables don't take much break in.

I have had the MI2 Goertz in my system a litle over two weeks now and was wondering what would be the next step up in speaker wire. They are clearly better than my MIT S3.

Also, I'm trying out two pairs of AQ Columbia's but don't believe they provide that synergy that I'm looking for. Imaging and sound are nicely placed behind the speakers verses the S3 IC which are more forward and higher in a sense.

I could live the MI2 but would the MI3 or AG1 be a better option? At this point the IC are my prime interest and would love to hear more recommendations for my set up.

Vandersteen 2 Ce Sig II
Belles 150A Ref
21A Belles Pre
Rega Apollo Transport

The only other Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cable option I would consider is the AG2's. Of course they are considerably more expensive and you might not like them as much. As you know Alpha-Core will offer a free trial. Considering the rest of your gear, I think the extra money might be better spent elsewhere. The MI2's are probably the best Alpha-Core's for your system.
Any interconnect suggestion?
Sorry no. I've only heard your electronics a few times at shows.
I am using Anti-Cables with my Vandersteen 5A's after auditioning many, many cables. Don't be frightened they are that good.
Do they have a return policy and where can I read about them and order?


The AQ CV-8 are next on my list of wires to try!

I think I'm keeping the MI2 but how do I open up the spades at the speaker end since there not completely sitting flush under the binding post?

I believe Alpha-Core offers two different sized spades.