Cables for the new pad

so i've been using anti cables for a while now, but i'm moving to a new place and my living room is going to be MUCH bigger and will probably have way better acoustics. the new living room is 15.0' x 26.0' roughly. i'm looking to space out my zu audio omens as far as i can and preserve aesthetics and sound. i'm planning on them flanking a fire place. i'm looking to get a lot more cable for this distance. my stereo will be placed in the corner so the speakers will probably be placed at about 7.5' and 15' or there about. do you guys have any suggestions for cables that would lay flat, stay out of the way, and be halfway decent? i've not been on the forums in a while so i dont know what the consensus is lately. here are links to the pictures of the living room:

thanks in advance!
nothing? what about blue jeans cable?
All that for $400K? That money would get you bupkis in L.A. Congrats on the new spread.

As for cables, you're going to get (eventually, hopefully) questions on component choices and whatnot to help narrow down your choices. My choice is good old Tempo Electric SCs with bare ends. They have a chart that helps you decide which gauge to order depending on watts and length but they're not sexy looking and just kind of lay where they want to. It's not advisable to bend them too much.

If price is paramount, I've read great things about Signal Cable and their prices are probably as good as Blue Jeans. If you have the time and patience, The Cable Company has a lender program with already broken in cables so you can try some out before buying.

Hope that helps and all the best,
Amen Nonoise! My modest tract house in the OC would fit in his living room! Roggae that is freakin palace/compound! Congrats!
Looks wise, I don't know, but the Belden cable sold by BJ is quite good. You can get it in 10ga or 12ga for less than $1 a foot (unterminated) and white jacket which could blend in with the base board. The 10ga is fairly flexible and the 12ga more so, but it is hardly flat and wouldn't go under rugs etc. Sound wise it is quite good and I find it much better (more transparent) than the Canare 4s11 they also sell.
i'm currently leaning towards blue jeans cables. anyone have any experience with them? thanks for the comments on the house. it's a BIG step for us. i'm a bike mechanic so clearly we cant afford this on MY salary.
REGA has white top quality OCC copper perfectly flat speaker cable that is ideal for flat runs under carpets or against baseboards.


Google Ebay and Ebay UK ... Lots forcsale in both long run terminated Pairs and also U Pick 'em unterminated bulk cable by the foot.

Goliath killer cable built for REGA by Klotz . Highly recommended.
I have some 23 foot Morrow SP6 speaker cables for sale on this site that are a great bargan and have never been used.
i decided to go with blue jeans cable and am pretty happy! thanks for the input guys!