Cables for the new pad

so i've been using anti cables for a while now, but i'm moving to a new place and my living room is going to be MUCH bigger and will probably have way better acoustics. the new living room is 15.0' x 26.0' roughly. i'm looking to space out my zu audio omens as far as i can and preserve aesthetics and sound. i'm planning on them flanking a fire place. i'm looking to get a lot more cable for this distance. my stereo will be placed in the corner so the speakers will probably be placed at about 7.5' and 15' or there about. do you guys have any suggestions for cables that would lay flat, stay out of the way, and be halfway decent? i've not been on the forums in a while so i dont know what the consensus is lately. here are links to the pictures of the living room:

thanks in advance!